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Agricultural Development Potentials in Zamfara ...
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The Book is about History,Culture,Geography,Agriculture & Economic Potentials of Zamfara State of Nigeria. Farming is our Pride is the official Slogan indicates Clearly that it is an Agrarian State,with over 90% of the Population engaged in Farming.The State has been recognised as one of the Major Producer of the Major arable Crops grown in North Western Nigeria.The Author Examine & Assess deeply the role of Govt,NGOs & International Agencies in the Implementation of Various Agriculture & Rural Development Projects For improving the Livelihood of the People.The Enormous Agricultural Raw Materials Potentials in Zamfara State Provides abundant Future Investment Opportunities in Agro Allied Industries.The Analysis Presented in this Book Should enable all Stakeholders and Policy Makers to gain a Deep Insight into the Working of Agriculture & Rural Development Programmes in the State.

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